Facility Age Policies

1. Children 6 and under need a guardian 16+ in the water and within close proximity at all times while children are using the pool.
2. Children 7-10 can be in the water by themselves as long as guardian 16+ is on the pool deck
3. Children 11+ can use the pools by themselves

1. Children 11+ can use the facility by themselves

Group Fitness Classes:
1. Children 12+ are allowed to attend our group fitness classes with the exception of our Cycle classes and our Total Body Conditioning class where you have to be at least 15 to attend.

Weight Room:
1. Children must be 15 to use the weight room by themselves.
2. Children 13 & 14 can use the weight room with a guardian 18+ AFTER scheduling and completing a free youth orientation with our Fitness Director, Sara Weidemann.  The appointment ranges from 15-20 minute and parent & child MUST BE PRESENT.  You can e-mail sweidemann@waconia.org or call 952-769-7950 to make this appointment.  Walk-in appointments are now allowed. 

Lions Den (4 level play structure):
1. For children 10 and under with a guardian supervising them inside the room or sitting in our lobby area. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our age policies please e-mail our General Manager, Luke Miska at lmiska@waconia.org