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Per our state and local guidelines, we are now offering select outdoor programming taking into account social distancing and cleanliness. Scroll down to learn what you can expect.



Located on SOUTH side of building (pool door E2 patio area). MUST park in SOUTH parking lot on side of building.

Registration is no longer required. Sign in at the Front Desk.




Classes are on NORTH side of building (back stairwell near gym exit door). Must park in Safari Island parking lot and walk to location. NO parking on school property.




Sessions are held on front entrance lawn. Park in Safari Island parking lot.




  • We will NOT BE providing mats.  Please bring your own mat to classes.  If you have your own equipment (dumbbells, bands, etc…) please bring it otherwise we will provide all equipment needed for classes besides mats, yoga blankets and yoga blocks.

  • We encourage you to bring a towel, water bottle, sun block, bug spray, etc.

  • All FREE classes (indicated in white) will be held outdoors (by pool door E2).

  • Online registration ONLY.  Please sign up for free classes.

  • Your membership account will be charged $5 for no shows due to limited class availability.

  • Out of respect for other members please refrain from booking back to back free classes due to limited space.

  • All SPECIALTY classes will be held outdoors back stairwell near gym exit door.  For pricing see page 2 of the Group Exercise schedule. Specialty classes are for all guests, members/non-members. Must be 12 years or older to participate.

  • Sign up for classes at the top of this page. MUST sign up in advance.

Safari Island’s Group Fitness Schedule Phases


Phase 1: Reintroduce group fitness classes complying with COVID-19 restrictions. Class restrictions, social distancing and mandatory cleaning  procedures promote a safe and healthy environment. If it's raining, class is cancelled.


Phase 2: Upon re-opening the facility we will continue to follow Phase 1 guidelines.  Phase 2 allows classes to be held indoors, however classes will continue to be held outdoors weather permitting.


Phase 3: We will continue to follow guidelines from Phases 1 and 2. Phase 3 will allow class times to be lengthened and other class formats to be offered.  Additional  classes may be offered indoors.


Phase 4: While being mindful of Phase 1, 2 and 3, Phase 4 represents a return to the previous class offerings prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please note: Phase progression will be determined by state and local governments, the CDC, and Safari Island’s Senior leadership team.  Phases my be modified and revised  as guidance from state and local government changes.


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