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Aquatic Rules


  1. Children 6 years old and under must be supervised by someone 16+ years in the water and within close proximity at all times. This includes children wearing lifejackets.

  2. Children ages 7-10 may be in the pool unattended as long as someone 16+ years is on the pool deck. 

  3. U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are the only flotation devices permitted in Safari Island.

  4. Life jackets cannot be used off of the diving board or on the slide.

  5. Lap lanes are only for the use of lap swimming.

  6. Persons with infections, a communicable disease, or with any area of exposed sub epidermal tissue, open blisters, or cuts shall not be allowed into the bodies of water.

  7. Spitting, spouting water from the mouth and blowing the nose in the water is prohibited. Please remind children not to drink the pool water.

  8. Lifeguards directions are to be followed at all times.  Lifeguards may deem activities they feel are unsafe or dangerous as prohibited.

  9. Unsafe or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

  10. Toys will be provided at the facility.

  11. Glassware, food and domestic animals are prohibited in the aquatic area.

  12. No diving in shallow end, pushing, running, throwing objects or rough play is allowed.

  13. Guests may not jump off the side of the pool backwards, twists, or do somersaults of any kind.

  14. Foul and offensive language will not be tolerated by staff or guests.

  15. No swinging or hanging on the handrails, lane lines, ropes.

  16. Swim under lane lines not over lane lines.

  17. Use of leg buoys, aqua belts, aqua joggers, and noodles are to be used by adults only for lap swimming or aqua classes.

  18. Guests are prohibited from sitting on the water fountains.

  19. When both diving boards are in use there is no through swimming allowed approximately 16 feet from the end of the diving board.

  20. Repetitious breath holding or hyperventilating before holding breath is strictly prohibited. 

  21. Elephant Water Slide Guidelines: Sliders must be feet first, facing forward.  One at time.  No climbing/standing on the light blue area.  Sitting on the light blue area is allowed.

  22. No running and sliding on deck surface. 

  23. Children who are not toilet-trained will be required to wear swimmers diapers.

  24. No disposable or cloth diapers are allowed to be worn in the pools.

  25. Strollers allowed in designated area only with wheels locked and a parent or guardian in physical contact.

  26. No hanging on pool basketball hoop or backboard.

  27. No diving, pushing, running, throwing objects, or rough play is allowed for safety reasons.



  1. All guests who use the spa are required to take a shower before entering the water.

  2. The spa tub is only for ages 15 and up. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed in the spa.



  1. Life jackets cannot be used off of the diving board or on the slide. A parent must accompany a child in the water and be within arms reach at all times.

  2. Please follow all lifeguards instructions and directions.

  3. Please follow the posted diving board rules and lifeguard instructions.

  4. No back flips, sailor dives, backward jumps or backward dives off the diving boards.

  5. Diving allowed in designated areas only.

  6. No running and jumping off of the diving board.

  7. Only one person allowed on diving boards at one time.


  1. Users must be at least 42” tall.

  2. Parents and children must ride down the slide separately. Parents/guardians are not allowed to catch children at the bottom of the slide. Parents/guardians must exit the pool immediately after sliding down the water slide.

  3. Slide users must either sit or lay on their back, feet‐first when using the slide.

  4. Please exit the drop area immediately after going down the slide using the ladder provided.

  5. Please refrain from turning or flipping on your side when using the slide.

  6. Life jackets, masks and goggles are not permitted on the slide.

  7. Lifeguard instructions must be followed at all times

  8. Spitting, spouting of water from the mouth, and blowing the nose in the water is prohibited. Please remind children not to drink pool water.

  9. Foul and offensive language, will not be tolerated by staff or guests.

  10. Please do not swing or hang on the handrails of the ladders, the lane lines or the ropes.

  11. Management may add additional rules as deemed necessary.

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